Greenheart Tree Platform

gh2These platforms hang from the Tree Hugger described above, are made from durable, light weight, divisible aluminum sections which can be easily backpacked into remote forest sites. A space frame is a structure, the ‘core frame’, which surrounds the support tree with wedge sections attached. This has cushioned, telescoping struts (‘Tree Kissers’TM), like spokes of a wheel, that rest on the tree bark and supports the platform at two planes, safely handling unequal people loading, yet can move with the host tree without damaging it and can be adjusted to accommodate tree growth. The platforms are assembled at ground level and turfed up the tree to the canopy level, heights of up to 30m and fastened to the Tree Hugger previously placed on the tree trunk. The platforms can also be constructed in place at the set height for the platform. Decks are made from perforated sections, which are safety grip and allow most small debris and precipitation to pass through.